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April 2014
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Astro Report
with Karl J. Hricko
NOLA 2009 - Mel Thiel Reporting
Sun. Jan. 4 through 11, 2009

Melanie Thiel is in New Orleans reporting live all week for the 4th annual Centenary College/Drew University Relief Trip.

Restoring Hope / Rebuilding Homes

Listen to WNTI from January 4th through the 10th to hear up to the minute reports from Melanie Thiel as she takes part in the 4th annual Centenary College/Drew University Relief Trip to New Orleans, LA. Mel will be sending news reports three times a day while she is in NOLA! This year the 110 workers will focus on rebuilding not only homes but a women's shelter in the 9th Ward.

Listen to MP3s of Melanie Thiel interviews in New Orleans:

John & Elise Lewis
(mp3; 4 MB)
Day One:   Jan. 4, 2009
Mel Thiel interviews John & Elise Lewis, members of the Grace Evangelical Church in New Orleans. "Where you're sitting right now was 8 feet under water three years ago."
Fleur De Lis
Megan Anderson
(mp3; 1.86 MB)
Day Two:   Jan. 5, 2009
Mel interviews Centenary College Senior Megan Anderson about her work with the project in New Orleans. "It's given me a lot of hope..."
Trish Dicorte
(mp3; 3.63 MB)
Mel Thiel talks with Trish Dicorte, the homeowner of the home the group is working on right now. "We do miss some things we had before the storm..."
Sean Kumpf
(mp3; 2.23 MB)
Day Three:   Jan. 6, 2009
Mel interviews Sean Kumpf, a Junior at Centenary College (and his Dad is an employee with Centenary College). "You sometimes get overwhelmed with, 'Wow, I did something great'... You think you've got it bad sometimes... you don't have it that bad... your house wasn't completely destroyed by a wave of water..."
Stewart Schmidt
(mp3; 3.49 MB)
Mel interviews Stewart Schmidt from Beacon of Hope. "tough decision on whether to stay or whether to go... once we decided to stay, then we never thought twice about it... 200,000 houses were destroyed... Beacon has a good reputation...it's already established... I think its a great emergency model..."
Kitsy Dixon
(mp3; 2.43 MB)
Mel with Kitsy Dixon, Professor of Sociology at Centenary College, about Kitsy's first experience working with the group in New Orleans. "Their enthusiasm has been nothing but enthusiasm and joy for me....We're not watching it on television, we're actually here and we're actually hands on and we're doing it... I've been tilling by hand... I can't wait to see my finished product tomorrow..."
Loretta Farrell
(mp3; 1.7 MB)
Day Four:   Jan. 7, 2009
Mel talks with Loretta Farrell, "shopper extraordinare" and works for Centenary College in Strategic Advancement. Loretta shops for the 111 people on a daily basis for food (++). "People ask... when I tell them what we're doing, they're really excited and happy to have us here... it's a way for me to feel useful and keep me away from hammers and nails and things I could do damage with..."
Paul Maassen
(mp3; 4.08 MB)
Mel visits WWNO and Paul Maassen. Paul is the former General Manager of WNTI and is now the GM for WWNO (University of New Orleans). "I've been here for about eight months now - I've seen tremendous progress with the rebuilding... it struck me as soon as I got here - (for the people that have come down and volunteer to help rebuild the city) the people are very, very, very appreciative... a very sincere thank you ... there's a lot of very good things happening in New Orleans, that would not have happened if Katrina hadn't happened...




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